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Welcome to Speed Wheels Auto Garage, your ultimate destination for an unrivaled BMW experience in Al Qouz, Dubai. As a highly skilled and professional team, we specialize in the repair and replacement of power steering pump, steering rack, and more, ensuring your BMW steers smoothly and safely. We excel in identifying and resolving complex steering issues such as power steering leaks, rack and pinion noises, steering wheel vibrations, and more. Your BMW’s perfect performance is our prime pursuit.

Our Portfolio

BMW Coolant System Excellence

Maintaining your BMW’s power steering system also includes proper care of the coolant system. At Speed Wheels Auto Garage, we offer an all-inclusive coolant flush service for your BMW. Our specialists ensure a complete flush of the old coolant, which can often be contaminated over time, reducing the efficiency of the power steering system. A coolant flush ensures your BMW’s engine and power steering pump operate at optimal temperatures, preventing overheating, noise, and leaks. Our service also includes the replacement and repair of critical components, such as the steering pump, rack, and hoses if needed. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and remedy of steering issues, power steering fluid flush, and alignment services. Don’t let your BMW suffer from a poor coolant system; trust our experts for a thorough service.

Resolving BMW's Steering Challenges

BMW cars, while known for their performance and precision, can often encounter steering problems over time. These issues may range from power steering leaks and pump noises, rack and pinion failures, to steering wheel wobble and vibrations. At Speed Wheels Auto Garage, we approach each problem with an expertise honed by years of experience. Whether it’s replacing the rack and pinion, repairing the power steering hose, or diagnosing steering column noise, we handle it all with proficiency. We also provide services like power steering fluid flush and alignment for a comprehensive solution. Our professional staff is equipped to ensure your BMW’s steering system is functioning at its peak. So if you’re dealing with steering noise, hydraulic steering service requirements, or even an electric power steering repair, we’ve got you covered.

BMW Power Steering Specialists

Immerse in the world of BMW perfection with Speed Wheels Auto Garage, where we excel in BMW Power Steering Repair, ensuring smooth rides without compromise. Our expert team is adept at BMW Power Steering Pump Repair, guaranteeing no troublesome noises that ruin your journey.

Facing issues with the power steering? Our BMW Power Steering Pump Replacement service is at your disposal. Do not let a worn-out steering rack hamper your vehicle’s handling; our skilled mechanics are proficient in BMW Power Steering Rack Repair.

Moreover, we also specialize in BMW Power Steering Rack Replacement, thus ensuring you get back on the road quickly and safely. Dealing with leaks in your power steering hose? Leave it to our experts for effective BMW Power Steering Hose Repair.

Furthermore, we offer BMW Power Steering Hose Replacement, promising a leak-free steering experience. Regular fluid changes are key to maintaining your power steering system’s health. That’s where our BMW Power Steering Fluid Flush service comes in handy.

Hearing unusual sounds from your power steering system? Our technicians are well-trained in diagnosing and rectifying the BMW Power Steering Noise. Our service range also covers BMW Power Steering Leak issues, ensuring your power steering fluid stays where it belongs.

The rack and pinion in your BMW plays a vital role in providing precise steering. Trust our BMW Rack and Pinion Repair service to restore your car’s steering performance to its former glory. Besides, we provide BMW Rack and Pinion Replacement, making sure every drive you take is as smooth as your first.

Noises from the rack and pinion are signs of wear and tear. Depend on our expertise for BMW Rack and Pinion Noise repair. Similarly, we excel in diagnosing and fixing an BMW Rack and Pinion Leak, ensuring a trouble-free steering experience.

A misaligned steering wheel can cause your BMW to pull to one side. With our skilled BMW Steering Wheel Repair and BMW Steering Wheel Alignment services, every drive will be a straight and true one. Also, let us get rid of any BMW Steering Wheel Wobble or BMW Steering Wheel Vibration that might be causing you discomfort.

From dealing with BMW Steering Column Noise to resolving issues of BMW Steering Column Vibration, our professional staff at Speed Wheels Auto Garage is equipped to handle it all. Our mechanics are trained in BMW Tie Rod Repair and BMW Tie Rod Replacement, ensuring your car’s wheels turn as they should.

We also provide BMW Tie Rod End Repair and BMW Tie Rod End Replacement services, making sure your steering and suspension system are in top shape. Our technicians are proficient in BMW Ball Joint Repair and BMW Ball Joint Replacement, a critical part of your BMW’s suspension system. Ignore the BMW Ball Joint Noise no more, let us fix it for you.

Our service range also includes BMW Steering Fluid Flush, a must for maintaining your steering system’s health. Don’t forget, an BMW Power Steering Fluid Flush is key to ensure smooth steering. The complexity of the steering system is no match for our professional staff. Trust us for accurate BMW Steering System Diagnosis and BMW Power Steering System Diagnosis.

We tackle the pesky BMW Steering Noise Problems and make sure no BMW Steering Wheel Shake Problems or BMW Steering Wheel Vibration Problems trouble you on your journey. If you’ve been dealing with BMW Steering System Problems or BMW Power Steering System Problems, our garage is the place to go.

Whether it’s an BMW Hydraulic Steering Service you need or an BMW Hydraulic Power Steering Service, we’ve got you covered. Our BMW Power Steering Service ensures your BMW’s power steering system works flawlessly. For overall steering system care, trust our BMW Steering System Service.

From providing an BMW Steering Fluid Flush to conducting an BMW Power Steering Fluid Flush, we ensure that your steering fluid is clean and your system functions optimally. A contaminated power steering fluid can cause many steering issues. Rely on us for BMW Contaminated Power Steering Fluid Change and BMW Power Steering Fluid Change.

In the case of steering rack failure, we offer BMW Power Steering Rack Failure Repair and if needed, an BMW Power Steering Rack Replacement. Also, our services extend to BMW Power Steering Rack Rebuild, promising a restored and efficient steering system.

A noisy steering rack can be bothersome, trust our BMW Power Steering Rack Noise repair service. Don’t let a leaky steering rack cause you trouble, rely on our BMW Power Steering Rack Leak repair. And for that annoying power steering noise, we offer an BMW Power Steering Noise Repair.

The power steering pump in your BMW can develop a whine or groan. Leave it to us for effective BMW Power Steering Whine and BMW Power Steering Groan repair. For power steering pump noise, rely on our BMW Power Steering Pump Noise repair service.

Have you been noticing noise from your power steering hose? Our BMW Power Steering Hose Noise repair service is just what you need. For problems with power steering hoses, we offer BMW Power Steering Hoses repair and replacement services. A leaking power steering hose can cause a drop in fluid pressure. Let us fix it with our BMW Power Steering Hose Leak repair service.

In addition, we also provide BMW Electric Power Steering Service and BMW EPS Service, ensuring your electronic power steering system is in top condition. For issues with the electric power steering system, we offer BMW Electric Power Steering Repair and BMW EPS Repair.

Trust us to fix your BMW Power Steering Oil Leak Repair and BMW Power Steering Fluid Leak Repair, ensuring your power steering system is leak-free. Don’t let a power steering pump issue get in your way, our BMW Power Steering Pump Issue repair service has got you covered.

Experiencing hard steering or sloppy steering in your BMW? Our services include BMW Hard Steering and BMW Sloppy Steering repair. Low power steering fluid can cause issues like noise and hard steering. Count on us for your BMW Power Steering Fluid Low problems. We also provide BMW Power Steering Belt Squeal repair services.
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